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Equity NEROPA Symposium, London Jan. 18

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Heute gibt es keine deutsche Fassung, der Artikel ist eine (überarbeitete) Präsentation, die ich am 18.1. in London beim NEROPA-Symposium von Equity UK gehalten habe, nebst englischem Audiokommentar.

On January 18, I was invited to speak at the Equity NEROPA Symposium at the BFI in London and present NEROPA.
This was strongly initiated by actress Jean Rogers (whom I interviewed in 2013: Well done, Sister Equity!), and who has been convinced by NEROPA right from the start. She organized a Meeting to explore NEROPA at Equity’s London headquarters in 2016 (SchspIN in London). Now, with the support of the Equity Women’s Committee and others within the union, the UK launch of NEROPA became reality, introducing it to the British film industry.

NEROPA: Changing the Narrative – January 18th, 2018, The BFI Southbank.

  • Welcome – Jennifer Smith (Head of Inclusion, BFI Southbank)
  • Presentation of Filmography – Stephen McConachie (Head of Data, BFI Southbank)
  • Introduction – Jean Rogers (Equity Councillor & Equity Women’s Committee)
  • Presentation of NEROPA – Belinde Ruth Stieve followed by Q & A
  • Vote of thanks Kelly Burke (Chair, Equity’s Women’s Committee)

And Flip Webster did a lovely skit on the life of an elder actress.

This article by Giverny Masso appeared in THE STAGE ahead of the event on 11.1.18
This article by Rebecca Brand appeared on the WFTV UK website after the event on 22.1.18
NEROPA Neutral Roles Parity Website
The BFI Filmography: „A complete history of UK feature film“
The BFI Diversity Standards
Equity UK Women’s Committee
DramaQueen Scriptwriting Software

The NEROPA Symposium was a very exciting morning with a wonderfully clear presentation from Belinde, made even more relevant by the BFI’s own presentation of shocking UK film data (1911 – 2017) which showed a woeful representation of women artists’ representation both in front and behind the camera. With the BFI’s enthusiastic support of Belinde’s methodology tied to its film funding criteria, we look forward to seeing change at last!
Jean Rogers, member of the Equity Women’s committee, former Equity Vice President.

Today I am publishing the revised slides and an accompanying audio with additional information.
To see / listen to both at the same time, first click the play-button of the audioplayer to start the playback. You can also open the audioplayer on the soundcloudwebsite in an extra tab or window.
Then click the first small image of the image gallery to enlarge it. You can then move from image to image with the small arrow on the right as you listen to the audio (the arrow on the left will bring you back one image).

(As always you can of course share / link to this article.  If you want to use any of the slides, please contact me.)



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