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Equity NEROPA Symposium, London Jan. 18

Heute gibt es keine deutsche Fassung, der Artikel ist eine (überarbeitete) Präsentation, die ich am 18.1. in London beim NEROPA-Symposium von Equity UK gehalten habe, nebst englischem Audiokommentar.

On January 18, I was invited to speak at the Equity NEROPA Symposium at the BFI in London and present NEROPA.
This was strongly initiated by actress Jean Rogers (whom I interviewed in 2013: Well done, Sister Equity!), and who has been convinced by NEROPA right from the start. She organized a Meeting to explore NEROPA at Equity’s London headquarters in 2016 (SchspIN in London). Now, with the support of the Equity Women’s Committee and others within the union, the UK launch of NEROPA became reality, introducing it to the British film industry.

NEROPA: Changing the Narrative – January 18th, 2018, The BFI Southbank.

  • Welcome – Jennifer Smith (Head of Inclusion, BFI Southbank)
  • Presentation of Filmography – Stephen McConachie (Head of Data, BFI Southbank)
  • Introduction – Jean Rogers (Equity Councillor & Equity Women’s Committee)
  • Presentation of NEROPA – Belinde Ruth Stieve followed by Q & A
  • Vote of thanks Kelly Burke (Chair, Equity’s Women’s Committee)

And Flip Webster did a lovely skit on the life of an elder [Weiterlesen – Read On]


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Well done, Sister Equity! – Gut gemacht, Schwester Equity!

Deutsche Fassung  nach der Englischen.

A few weeks ago the French La Charte pour l’Égalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes dans le Secteur du Cinéma was signed (Vive la Nouvelle Révolution du Cinéma!), the effects of which will hopefully become apparent in the near future. A few years ago British actors’ union Equity launched a Viewers‘ Petition for Equal Representation of Women in Film and Television Drama with the aim to abolish the 2:1 dominance of male over female roles on British television, and an even worse ratio for films, and also to fight the almost non-existent portrayal of the older woman. How did this petition come about and has it begun showing effects already? I am very happy to have been able to interview Equity’s Jean Rogers on these and many more questions.
Jean Rogers  is a British actress, born just outside London.  Her work in front of the camera includes THE PEACEMAKER, THE LAZARUS CHILD, more than 10 years as Dolly Skilbeck in ITV’s EMMERDALE and presenting a BBC TV Schools‘ programme for 7 year olds called WATCH. She has appeared regularly on British stages e.g. the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, theYork Theatre Royal, two seasons with the Chichester Festival Theatre and was a founder member of Sir Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre. In radio she clocked up over a thousand broadcasts for the BBC playing boys and girls, POETRY CORNER and LISTEN WITH MOTHER. Her recent work was in SNOW WHITE playing the wicked queen in a Christmas pantomime.
Jean has been an elected Councillor of the actors‘ and performers‘ union Equity for nearly twenty years and since 2004 Vice President. [Weiterlesen – Read On]