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Weinstein and the Silence of the German Film Industry

Die deutsche Fkaassung dieses Textes wurde am 16.10.17 veröffentlicht.


On Oct. 5 the New York Times published the article „Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades“ by Judi Kantor and Megan Twobei. Since then more women, actresses, models and also employees and journalists came out and spoke about sexual harassment, intimidations and even about rape. It is obvious that anyone accused remains innocent until tried by a court of law, but in this case the accusations are overwhelming – quite contrary to the common situations where it‘s testimony against testimony and an offense or criminal act can‘t be proven. There have been discussion about how it could have been possible for Harvey Weinstein to act unnoticed and undisturbed for decades the way he did, but it soon became clear that the way he treated numerous young actresses at the beginning of their careers was an open secret.
In the meantime, Weinstein has been fired from the Weinstein Company, from AMPAS Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, from the BFI British Film Institute, and a statement was issued by the International Film Festival of Cannes.
Some reports also mentioned other cases of sexual abuse, US actor Bill Cosby, Fox news reporter Bill O‘Reilly, Roy Price, head of amazon video department as well as US president Donald Trump. All in the USA, far away.
German media have also been covering the Weinstein scandal, some mentioning the social context as for example Julian Dörr did in the Süddeutsche (a German newspaper) from 14.10. in his German article „If you want to prevent abuse you can‘t ridicule Feminism“ (more articles to be found in the Additional Reading section).
What I found quite surprising though is [Weiterlesen – Read On]