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Turning SchspIN into a Better Place for English Readers – SchspIN wird gastfreundlicher

Deutsche Fassung nach der Englischen.

Author / Editor Marian Evans from New Zealand, who among other things publishes the blog Wellywood Women wrote to me some weeks back:
Overall, I wonder whether you can make the layout of your blog a little clearer, because English speakers are going to have to find the page hugely attractive to move beyond a foreign language at the beginning, boring I know, but true.“
Yes indeed, how true. I was unhappy myself with only mentioning an English version at the top of a sometimes long German text with colourful pictures etc, and the lengthy scrolling that was required in order to read in English. So Marian’s comment led to me getting a little more into the world of html, until I found and mastered a solution. From now on the english versions have their own URL, and international readers can go there directly from the link incorporated in the „English version follows…“.
Today I have edited all blog texts in this manner (quite a few already!) and I hope that SchspIN is getting more attractive to English speaking readers this way. I am looking forward to more suggestions regarding the layout and of course more importantly to a lively discussion of the topics, since the phenomena I write about are universal of course.
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