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NEROPA Touring the Irish Isle – #WakingTheFeminists

Die deutsche Fassung dieses Textes erschien am 27. Oktober.

A couple of weeks ago, invited by Irish Equity and Equity Scotland & Northern Ireland, I presented my gender diversity tool NEROPA in front of representatives of theatres and the film industry in Dublin and Belfast.
Today I want to give a very brief account of my days on the green isle and introduce and thank the people who made this all possible. Also I am very happy that the two great ladies who gave the key note introductions at the events – Sarah Durcan in Dublin („We need to Talk about Power and Representation“)  and Maggie Cronin in Belfast („We have Come a Long Way and still have a Long Way to Go“) – have kindly given me permission to reproduce the bigger parts of their speeches.

Bringing NEROPA to Dublin und Belfast

As some of you may know, since shortly after I started my analysis and blogging, I have been in regular contact with Jean Rogers of Equity UK (read my interview with her Well done, sister Equity! from 2013) and half a year after I published my method NEROPA Neutral Roles Parity in January 2016, I met Jean and other female film activists at Equity in London (read SchspIN in London). And eventually, this January, initiated by Jean Rogers and the Women’s Committee, Equity UK and the BFI held a NEROPA symposium in London.
Not too long after this I was contacted by Lorne Boswell from the Equity Glasgow office who suggested an Irish / Northern Irish double act with NEROPA and introduced me to Karan O’Loughlin of the republic’s union, and voilà! another few months later this is what happened – presentations in front of a very interested audience with lively discussions and conversations:

  • A NEROPA seminar in Dublin (Oct. 11) with representatives of the Screen Producers Ireland Organisation, the Irish Theatre Institute, The national theatre The Abbey, Drama Schools, casting directors, actors, HR consultants and some trade union professionals,
  • A NEROPA seminar in Belfast (Oct. 12) with representatives of the BBC Writersroom, Northern Ireland Screen, Spotlight, Mac Theatre, Ulster University, Casting directors and Equity members / actors,
  • A NEROPA workshop at Queen’s Graduate School, Queen’s University Belfast (Oct. 12).

Here’s the official flyer (wonderfully designed by Sonia of Irish Equity’s Communications department):

On both sides of the boarder, a number of people were involved in preparing and organizing the events and my stay. They were all incredibly helpful, funny and never tired of showing me around the towns and help me fill gaps regarding my knowledge of the history of the Irish isle, politics, their unions, languages, cuisine and more. Yes, we also spoke about this sorry subject (the B-Word) but that is [Weiterlesen – Read On]